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A Life After Racing

Here at Mowbray we try to find our horses a new home when they have finished racing.  In recent years it has become a hot topic but it is something we've been doing for a long time.  It is nice when the new owners keep in touch and send us updates of the horses progress.  Here's a gallery of photos we've been sent. 

Cheeco retraining for competition Cheeco retraining for competition
Frosty the Snowman competing Frosty the Snowman competing
Nickscreamscracker is now showing Nickscreamscracker is now showing
Red Cape Retired at Grass Red Cape Retired at Grass
Redwater River Redwater River
Orpsie Boy Orpsie Boy
Newgate Teamchasing Newgate Teamchasing
Tomintoul Star and foal Tomintoul Star and foal
Torrent Torrent
Vicking Dancer Vicking Dancer
Sundried Tomato Sundried Tomato
Spanish Acclaim Spanish Acclaim
Rescent Rescent
Redoubtable Redoubtable
Reason Reason
Paddywack Paddywack
Raccoon Raccoon
Newsround Newsround
Natural Rythym Natural Rythym
Lunar Storm Team Chasing Lunar Storm Team Chasing
Lady - unraced homebred Lady - unraced homebred
Kanisorn Kanisorn
Just Nod Just Nod
Just Thomas Just Thomas
Just A Lady Just A Lady
Inflagratodelico Inflagratodelico
Hey Up There Hey Up There
Headland Headland
Gem Bien Gem Bien
Earthling Earthling
Cryptic Clue Cryptic Clue
Coal Miner Coal Miner
Chezney - unraced homebred Chezney - unraced homebred
Bradley - unraced homebred Bradley - unraced homebred
Autumn Blades Autumn Blades
Billy - unraced homebred Billy - unraced homebred
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