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Victoire De Lyphar WINS at Leicester – 16th May 2016

Vic has been a tricky and frustrating customer, chucking more than one race away by hanging badly last year.  We changed his bit and Jimmy’s patience was rewarded with a nice win in a seller at Leicester.

4240“Race distance increased 17yds. A decent seller but the two main form horses took each other on at a suicidal gallop. VICTOIRE DE LYPHAR was a clear third best on the book and benefited from a patient ride with the two principal contenders cutting each others throats on the lead.”

Racing Post, May 2016

“Victoire De Lyphar is a grand old horse but has his quirks. We’ve changed his bit as he can hang badly left and it gave me a bit more control. The ability is still there.”

James Sullivan, May 2016

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