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Froot’s Charity Race progress – 3rd May 2014

Froot 10April14019Froot is entering into what could be classed as the final furlong of her training regime with just over 6 weeks to race day. She is coming up to the yard at least twice a week now (sometimes three) and on Saturday 19 April rode SEVEN lots (arghh !).

She still does not know which horse Ruth and one of her generous owners are providing her with for the day but hoping that with all the galloping and with Ryan and Gemma’s invaluable instruction overseen by Ruth and pro-jockeys Jimmy Sullivan & Gemme Tutty on occasions, she will do everybody proud ! She has sat on most horses in the yard (yes – she has her favourites) and hopefully contributed towards a heavy training schedule in preparing them for the season ahead !

Froot is now reminding Mick where and when the horses are running and tuning in to ATR, which she certainly didn’t do before!

Froot 10April14072

In addition she has had a couple of lessons with rhe legednary Tom O’Ryan and his “old mechanical exerciser” and she is due to attend the Northern Racing College for a Riders Assesment Day and Fitness Test (they never said this would be easy !).

We had a collection at the Holderness P2P which raised over £230.00p, an Open Morning at Ruth’s for The Racegoers Club gathered in £41 and on Sunday 27 April there is a Spring Horse Show organised at Thornton House Farm just in aid of  Macmillan. Our local pub The Goodmanham Arms are holding Quiz Nights every other Wednesday and all proceeds are given to Froot’s total.

She has set herself a total of £10,000.00p to raise – she is currently on £6,250.00p. With your help a donation of any affordable amount will greatly boost her total – please give whatever you can be visiting her page at

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