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Following Ryan in the USA – 12th January 2016

Ryan has been given a fantastic opportunity to spend two months in America at the beginning of 2016 and is going to let us know all about his time there.

Big Storm ComingRyan writes “In early 2014 the Northern Racing College selected me as their representative for a new student exchange program, set up by the International Federation Of Horse Racing Academies. The scholarship is intended to help students gain work experience in different areas of the racing industry. I am wanting to become a race-day official in the future, preferably a starter. My scholarship has been organised for me to spend two months working with starters in America. I am due to spend 6 weeks in Lexington, Kentucky. During this time I’ll be working at the local training track, working with the starting team whilst horses take their stalls tests, and on race-days working with the starter and seeing how the starting procedure works in America. The final week of my stay I will be traveling to Huston Texas to be assessed and hopefully be granted a qualification. I’m really looking forward to it. I’m due to fly out on the 18th January and return on February 27th.”

NRC LogoThe Northern Racing College writes “RYAN COLLEY is preparing for an eight-week break from his job as assistant trainer at Ruth Carr’s North Yorkshire horseracing stable to make the trip of a lifetime – but this is no holiday. Ryan, 22, is heading to the USA as the first representative of the Northern Racing College in Doncaster to take part in a new international scholarship.”  To read more via the Northern Racing College please click here.

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